Preferred model of dialog style in expert system of physical examination of skin disease


This study proposes two specific prototype systems used for the physical examination of skin diseases by a doctor. The objective of this study is to enhance the comfort level of the doctor while performing physical examination of skin diseases using a computer-assisted system. In the previous study, we found that physicians were more comfortable with the process of physical examination using some variety of a particular dialogue. In this study, we propose two prototype systems, namely, an icon-based model and a graphic user interface (GUI)-based model. These prototypes were evaluated by eight medical doctors through a focus group discussion (FGD) to obtain the desired model. From the results obtained by the doctors, it was found that the acceptance level of the GUI-based model was approximately 81% and that this model was better than the icon-based model. Further, the proposed prototype can be used as a reference model in future studies for developing a user interface system, particularly a system that requires physical examination of skin diseases.

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