Preferential regeneration of photoreceptor from Müller glia after retinal degeneration in adult rat

  title={Preferential regeneration of photoreceptor from M{\"u}ller glia after retinal degeneration in adult rat},
  author={Jin Wan and Hua Zheng and Zu-Lin Chen and Hong-lei Xiao and Zhen-Jue Shen and Guo-min Zhou},
  journal={Vision Research},
To determine whether photoreceptor degeneration can stimulate Müller glia to transdifferentiate into neurons in adult mammalian retina, N-methyl-N-nitrosourea (MNU) was injected to induce complete loss of photoreceptors. Following MNU administration, Müller glia underwent reactive gliosis characterized by up-regulation of glial fibrillar acidic protein and nestin, and initiated proliferation through the cyclin D1 and D3 related pathways. Some Müller glia-derived cells were induced to express… CONTINUE READING