Preferential alcoholic embryopathy: effects of liquid diets.

  title={Preferential alcoholic embryopathy: effects of liquid diets.},
  author={R F Mankes and August H. Battles and Roger Lefevre and T A van der Hoeven and Stanley D. Glick},
  journal={Laboratory animal science},
  volume={42 6},
Our initial report of a preferential expression of experimental alcoholic embryopathy affecting the male offspring contiguous in utero to male siblings of Long-Evans rats was based on gavage administration of alcohol to pregnant rats without regard to isocaloric, pair-fed exposure paradigms. In this study, pregnant Long-Evans rats were given 35% ethanol-derived calories (EDC) in one of two different liquid diets: 1) a liquid alcohol diet based on Sustacal, a flavored liquid food formulated for… CONTINUE READING