Preface: Research Topics in Semantic Sensor Networks


Semantic technologies are often proposed as important components of complex , cross-jurisdictional, heterogeneous, dynamic information systems. The needs and opportunities arising from the rapidly growing capabilities of networked sensing devices are a challenging case. It is estimated that today there are 4 billion mobile devices that can act as sensors, including active and passive RFID tags. This is complemented by an even larger number of fixed sensors recording observations of a wide variety of modalities. Geographically distributed sensor nodes are capable of forming ad hoc networking topologies, with nodes expected to be dynamically inserted and removed from a network. The sensors are increasingly being connected with Web infrastructure, and the Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standard developed by the Open Geospatial Consortium is being widely adopted in industry, government and academia alike. While such frameworks provide some interoperability, semantics are increasingly seen as a key enabler for integration of sensor data and broader Web information systems. Analytical and reasoning capabilities afforded by Semantic Web standards and technologies are considered important for developing advanced applications that go from capturing observations to recognition of events and ultimately developing comprehensive situational awareness. Defence, transportation, global enterprise, and natural resource management industries are leading the rapid emergence of applications in commercial, civic, and scientific operations that involve sensors, web, services and semantics. The goal of the Semantic Sensor Networks workshop is to develop an understanding of the ways semantic web technologies can contribute to the growth, application and deployment of large-scale sensor networks on the one hand, and the ways that sensor networks can contribute to the emerging semantic web, on the other. The workshop provides an inter-disciplinary forum to explore and promote these concepts.

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