Preface: From the “New Localism” to the Spaces of Neoliberalism

  title={Preface: From the “New Localism” to the Spaces of Neoliberalism},
  author={Neil Brenner and Nik Theodore},
On the Fringe of Neoliberalism: residential development in outer suburban Sydney
Abstract Although there is widespread consensus in human geography that neoliberalism is achieved through the intersection of multiple scales and states, there has been growing emphasis in recent
In what sense ‘spaces of neoliberalism’? the new localism, the new politics of scale, and town twinning
Abstract This paper draws on a study of town twinning in Britain since 1945 to engage with narratives of ‘the new localism’ and ‘the new politics of scale’. It argues that town twinning is often used
(Re)Presenting Baltimore: Place, Policy, Politics, and Cultural Pedagogy
While acknowledging the city’s inveterate quirkiness, the noted cultural geographer David Harvey (1973, 1989, 2000, 2001, 2007) has spent much of his career exploring the degree to which Baltimore is
THE ROLE OF THE CREATIVE CLASS IN THE COMMERCIAL GENTRIFICATION OF THE HISTORIC CENTER OF A CORUNA. The general aim of this article is to characterize the existence of a commercial gentrification
Henri Lefebvre, the right to the city and the new metropolitan mainstream
The phrase "the right to the city" has been making a comeback as a rallying cry in recent years. In cities of the North and the South alike, it is used by urban social movements, by political
Producing local neoliberalism in a Leftist regime: neoliberal governmentality and populist transition in West Bengal, India
ABSTRACT This paper presents a theoretical reassessment of a contentious chapter in India’s economic liberalisation – the case of West Bengal, a state ruled by the pro-labour ‘Left Front’ coalition,
Work hard, play hard: selling Kelowna, BC, as year-round playground
Landscapes can be deceptive, Sometimes a landscape seems to be less a setting for the life of its inhabitants than a curtain behind which their struggles, achievements and accidents take place. For
Practising citizenship in new spaces: Rights and realities of charter school activism
Abstract. In the past two decades, the role of the state and the role of the citizen have changed in public education in the US. In order to give parents the ‘right to choose’ their children's
Understanding Sydney as a global city
There is an ascendant academic argument that key economic processes are increasingly built at the scale of the city and, in turn, that successful urban economies are increasingly detached from their
The abandoned social goals of public transit in the neoliberal city of the USA
A preface and a bus rider’s story: “two‐tiered” transit system in the making? Imagine a bus stop in a typical working‐class neighbourhood of inner‐city Los Angeles, a city with an extraordinary array


The right to the city
The right to the city is not merely a right of access to what already exists, but a right to change it. We need to be sure we can live with our own creations. But the right to remake ourselves by
Restructuring hegemony in the global political economy : the rise of transnational neo-liberalism in the 1980s
Since the late 1970s, the spread of Neo-liberalism and the failure of socialist economies and systems in Eastern Europe have resulted in a practically unchallenged hegemony of international capital
The politics of local economic policy: The problems and possibilities of local initiative
PART I THE PROMISE OF LOCAL ECONOMIC INITIATIVES - The Emergence of an Idea - Consensus Policies and their Ambiguous Politics - PART II POLICIES AND DEBATES - The Radical Alternatives: the Right and
Workers in a Lean World
A multiple displacement pump system utilizing a single fixed displacement pump having pumping elements providing both first and second sets of pumping chambers. Circuit means having a fluid
Development and social change in Sweden
Analiza los rasgos dominantes que sobresalen al estudiar la historia moderna de Suecia: la capacidad de adaptacion del pais a los cambios en el entorno economico internacional y la formacion de
Acts of resistance : against tyranny of the market
Development and social change
Globalisation, Market Civilisation, and Disciplinary Neoliberalism
“ The right to the city . ” In Eleonore Kofman and Elizabeth Lebas
  • De l ’ État : Les contradictions de l ’ État moderne
  • 1978