Prednisolone-α-cyclodextrin-star PEG polypseudorotaxanes with controlled drug delivery properties.


The reaction of α-amino-ω-methoxypoly(ethylene glycol) [M = 5000] or star α-amino-poly(ethylene glycol) [M = 20 000] with hemiesters of prednisolone dicarboxylic acids (succinic, glutaric, adipic, phthalic acid) has been used to prepare the corresponding conjugates. The rate of esterase catalyzed hydrolysis of the conjugates is controlled by the molecular… (More)
DOI: 10.1039/c0ob00039f


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@article{Blkov2010PrednisolonecyclodextrinstarPP, title={Prednisolone-α-cyclodextrin-star PEG polypseudorotaxanes with controlled drug delivery properties.}, author={Eli{\vs}ka B{\'i}lkov{\'a} and Milo{\vs} Sedl{\'a}k and Bohuslav Dvoř{\'a}k and Karel Ventura and Petr Knotek and Ludv{\'i}k Bene{\vs}}, journal={Organic & biomolecular chemistry}, year={2010}, volume={8 23}, pages={5423-30} }