Predislocation syndrome: a review and retrospective analysis of eight patients.

  title={Predislocation syndrome: a review and retrospective analysis of eight patients.},
  author={Robert W. Mendicino and Trenton K Statler and Karl R Saltrick and Alan R. Catanzariti},
  journal={The Journal of foot and ankle surgery : official publication of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons},
  volume={40 4},
Predislocation syndrome is defined as an either an acute, subacute, or chronic inflammatory process involving the lesser metatarsophalangealjoints. If left untreated, this process can lead to plantarplate and capsular attenuation and metatarsophalangeal joint instability. A retrospective analysis were performed on eight patients who were treated with a flexor tendon transfer for this condition. A subjective analysis and chart review were performed to determine the final outcome of these… CONTINUE READING
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