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Predictors of success and hospitalization in semi-rigid ureteroscopy for lithiasis as an outpatient procedure.

  title={Predictors of success and hospitalization in semi-rigid ureteroscopy for lithiasis as an outpatient procedure.},
  author={Roberto Molina Escudero and N Gonz{\'a}lez Avila and Manuel {\'A}lvarez Ardura and Mar{\'i}a Alejandra Egui Rojo and E Ripalda Ferretti and Luis Crespo Mart{\'i}nez and David Rend{\'o}n S{\'a}nchez and {\'A}lvaro P{\'a}ez Borda},
  journal={Archivos espanoles de urologia},
  volume={66 9},
OBJECTIVES To analyze the outcomes, predictors of success and predictors of need for hospital admission in our series of patients who underwent ureteroscopy (URS) as a major outpatient surgery (MOS) procedure. METHODS We carried out a retrospective analysis of 402 patients who had undergone semi-rigid URS for ureteral calculi as a MOS procedure in our center between 2004 and 2012. Patients with previous DJ catheter were excluded. We classified the calculi according to their location (lumbar… 
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