Predictors of short-term treatment outcome in bulimia nervosa inpatients.

  title={Predictors of short-term treatment outcome in bulimia nervosa inpatients.},
  author={Sabine Bossert and U Schm{\"o}lz and Michael Wiegand and Matthew Junker and J{\"u}rgen C Krieg},
  journal={Behaviour research and therapy},
  volume={30 2},
Recent studies, mostly performed on bulimic outpatients, did not find consistent predictors of treatment outcome in bulimia nervosa. This is the first study to investigate anamnestic and clinical factors predictive of the short-term outcome of hospital treatment in 31 female bulimia nervosa patients with a mean age of 22.9 yr. Treatment outcome was assessed by several self-rating instruments measuring different features of the specific and unspecific psychopathology of bulimia nervosa. The most… CONTINUE READING