Predictors of opiate drug abuse during a 90-day methadone detoxification.

  title={Predictors of opiate drug abuse during a 90-day methadone detoxification.},
  author={Martin Y Iguchi and Maxine L. Stitzer},
  journal={The American journal of drug and alcohol abuse},
  volume={17 3},
The behavioral circumstances related to opiate drug use were examined during a 90-day out-patient methadone detoxification. Seventy-one subjects (55 male and 16 female) were followed from the day of intake to treatment termination. Data were collected by means of a weekly structured interview. Questions were asked about each occasion of opiate use in the previous week with respect to time, source, cost, social circumstance, etc. Monitored urine samples were tested x 3/week to verify verbal… CONTINUE READING