Predictors of nurturant parenting in teen mothers living in three generational families

  title={Predictors of nurturant parenting in teen mothers living in three generational families},
  author={Daphna Oyserman and Norma L. Radin and Eli Saltz},
  journal={Child Psychiatry and Human Development},
Direct and indirect effects of grandparents on maternal nurturance in teen mothers (TM) living in three-generational families were explored with path analytic techniques in a sample of 107 working-class families. Perceived support from the teen's mother, grandparents' nurturance toward the baby, and the presence of the grandfather as a father figure in the home were hypothesized as increasing TM nurturance. TM nurturance was found to be positively predicted by grandparent nurturance and… 

Parental Nurturance and the Mental Health and Parenting of Urban African American Adolescent Mothers

This study examined the relationship between a teen mother's perceptions of nurturance from her mother and father and her mental health and parenting attitudes. One-hundred and thirty-eight urban,

Grandmothers' familism values, adolescent mothers' parenting efficacy, and children's well-being.

The findings shed light on the behavioral correlates of familism values within Mexican-origin families with adolescent mothers and highlight the need to consider factors that are developmentally salient when understanding howfamilism behaviors benefit adolescentmothers and their children.

Parent-child interaction among Latina adolescent mothers: the role of family and social support.

This study examined family and social support correlates of parent-child interaction among Latina adolescent mothers. Mothers (N = 49) were videotaped in their homes interacting with their children

African American Adolescents' Perceptions of Family Interactions: Kinship Support, Parent–Child Relationships, and Teen Adjustment

This study examined perceived kinship support and parenting practices for 158 African American adolescents in the 9th and 10th grades. Kinship support showed direct associations with teen outcomes

African American adolescent mothers and grandmothers: A multigenerational approach to parenting

Findings provide support for Apfel and Seitz’s Parental Apprentice model, in which young mothers gain competence through direct caregiving experience in the context of a supportive relationship.

Young First-Time Mothers’ Parenting of Infants: The Role of Depression and Social Support

Depressive symptoms moderated the relationship between general support from the parent figure and parenting outcomes, and higher levels of general support contributed to more sensitive maternal behaviors and attitudes only when depressive symptoms were low.

Predictors of Grandmother Participation in a Multigenerational Study

  • J. Poehlmann
  • Psychology
    International journal of aging & human development
  • 2001
Predictors of grandmother participation in a multigenerational study with 84 mothers, 84 infants, and 52 maternal grandmothers indicated that grandmothers were less likely to participate in the study when grandchildren experienced preterm birth and when mothers reported less family of origin support.

Parenting Practices and Child Adjustment in Different Types of Households

This article uses a sample of 867 African American households to investigate differences in parenting practices and child outcomes by type of household. Results indicate that mothers provide similar

Adolescent Motherhood and Postpartum Depression

  • Robyn W. BirkelandJ. ThompsonV. Phares
  • Psychology
    Journal of clinical child and adolescent psychology : the official journal for the Society of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, American Psychological Association, Division 53
  • 2005
Regression analyses indicated that social isolation, maternal competence, and weight/shape concerns predicted unique variance associated with depression level, and the continued need to inform prevention and treatment programs for young mothers.



Four Models of Adolescent Mother-Grandmother Relationships in Black Inner-City Families.

From interviews conducted with inner-city black adolescent mothers and their mothers (or surrogate mothers), four conceptual models of familial adaptation to adolescent parenthood were discerned: (1)

Dynamics in a Three-Generational Family: Teens, Grandparents, and Babies

A sample of 64 2-grandparent, working-class families with a teen and her child under 2 was used to test the hypotheses that grandmothers have a direct influence on their grandchild and that

Absent Does Not Equal Uninvolved: Predictors of Fathering in Teen Mother Families.

This study examines the effects of several predictors of father involvement in a large sample of single-parent, teen mother families. Ethological and role theories led to hypotheses of negative

The social ecology and early parenting of Caucasian adolescent mothers.

Social characteristics, maternal behaviors, and the home environments of Caucasian adolescent and nonadolescent mothers were investigated in a sample of 50 primiparous low- and middle-class women and their 4-month-old infants, emphasizing the unique social context and parenting practices of teenage mothers.

The impact of early childbearing on developmental outcomes: the case of black adolescent parenting.

Social science research has often attributed black child development problems especially among poor families to weaknesses in family structure. Adolescent pregnancy and childbearing occur in larger

Understanding Adolescent Parenting: The Dimensions and Functions of Social Support.

Although recent research has focused on the unique characteristics of adolescent mothers and their children, critical questions remain concerning the conceptualization and measurement of social

Where's poppa? The relative lack of attention to the role of fathers in child and adolescent psychopathology.

  • V. Phares
  • Psychology
    The American psychologist
  • 1992
Suggestions for future research are discussed, including parallel investigations of paternal characteristics whenever maternal characteristics are investigated, assessment of both similarities and differences in the role of fathers and mothers in child and adolescent psychopathology, and investigation of parenting factors for both fathers and Mother in relation to child and adolescents psychopathology.

Sex Role Attitudes of Adolescents Reared Primarily by Their Fathers: An 11-Year Follow-up.

Eleven-year follow-up data from a study on the consequences of fathers in intact, white, middle-class families taking major responsibility for their preschoolers care were used to focus on the extent

Grandmothers' responsibility in raising two-year olds facilitates their grandchildren's adaptive behavior: a preliminary intrafamilial investigation of mothers' and maternal grandmothers' effects.

Two-year-old children were observed in a novel environment and the more responsibilities that grandmothers reported customarily assuming for their grandchildren, the more similarly the children in the playroom reacted to their mothers and grandmothers.

Effects of stress and social support on mothers and premature and full-term infants.

Both stress and support significantly predicted maternal attitudes at 1 month and interactive behavior at 4 months when data were pooled, and social support moderated the adverse effects of stress on mother's life satisfaction and on several behavioral variables.