Predictors of insulin sensitivity in Type 2 diabetes mellitus.

  title={Predictors of insulin sensitivity in Type 2 diabetes mellitus.},
  author={Enzo Bonora and Giovanni Targher and Mar{\'i}a P Alberiche and Gianni Formentini and Francesco Calcaterra and Simonetta Lombardi and F. Marini and Maurizio Poli and Luciano Zenari and Andrea Raffaelli and Sandro Perbellini and Marina Zenere and Francesca Saggiani and Riccarcdo C Bonadonna and Michele Muggeo},
  journal={Diabetic medicine : a journal of the British Diabetic Association},
  volume={19 7},
AIMS To identify the independent predictors of insulin sensitivity in Type 2 diabetes, and to establish whether isolated Type 2 diabetes (i.e. diabetes without overweight, dyslipidaemia and hypertension) is a condition of insulin resistance. METHODS We examined 45 patients with non-insulin-treated Type 2 diabetes undergoing a 4-h euglycaemic hyperinsulinaemic clamp (20 mU/m2 per min) combined with 3H-3-D-glucose and 14C-U-glucose infusions and indirect calorimetry. We also examined 1366… CONTINUE READING
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