Predictors of final histology in patients with endometrial cancer.

  title={Predictors of final histology in patients with endometrial cancer.},
  author={Michael Frumovitz and Diljeet K. Singh and Larissa Meyer and Daniel H. Smith and Iris Wertheim and Ephraim Resnik and Diane C. Bodurka},
  journal={Gynecologic oncology},
  volume={95 3},
OBJECTIVE To assess the usefulness of preoperative tumor grade and intraoperative assessment of gross depth of myometrial invasion as "predictors" of final grade, final depth of myometrial invasion and surgical stage in patients with "low-risk" endometrial cancer. METHODS We retrospectively compared preoperative histology and intraoperative gross depth of invasion with final pathologic evaluation on hysterectomy specimens. For patients traditionally considered intraoperatively to be "low-risk… CONTINUE READING


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