Predictors of Gleason score upgrading in a large African-American population

  title={Predictors of Gleason score upgrading in a large African-American population},
  author={Anup A. Vora and Tim Large and Jenny Aronica and Sherod Haynes and Andrew Harbin and Daniel Marchalik and Hanaa Nissim and John C. Lynch and Gaurav Bandi and Kevin G. McGeagh and Keith J. Kowalczyk and Reza Ghasemian and Krishnan Venkatesan and Mohan Verghese and Jonathan Kwei Hwang},
  journal={International Urology and Nephrology},
Gleason score from biopsy specimens is important for prostate cancer (PCa) risk stratification and influences treatment decisions. Gleason score upgrading (GSU) between biopsy and surgical pathology specimens has been reported as high as 50 % and presents a challenge in counseling low-risk patients. While recent studies have investigated predictors of GSU, populations in these studies have been largely Caucasian. We report our analysis of predictors of GSU in a large urban African-American… CONTINUE READING
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