Predictors of Dating Violence: A Multivariate Analysis

  title={Predictors of Dating Violence: A Multivariate Analysis},
  author={Jamila Bookwala and Irene Hanson Frieze and Christine Smith and Kathryn Ryan},
  journal={Violence and Victims},
  pages={297 - 311}
A multivariate approach was used to determine the pattern of predictors associated with engaging in dating violence. Predictors were selected whose relationship to dating violence has been established by earlier research: attitudes toward violence, sex-role attitudes, romantic jealousy, general levels of interpersonal aggression, verbal aggression, and verbal and physical aggression received from one’s partner. Participants included 305 introductory psychology student volunteers (227 females… 

Characteristics of Female Perpetrators and Victims of Dating Violence

Females in the bi-directional aggression group were more likely to have witnessed their father abuse their mother and scored significantly lower on a measure of self-esteem than non-violent controls, and there were no significant group differences regarding general alcohol consumption.

An Examination of the Factors Related to Dating Violence Perpetration Among Young Men and Women and Associated Theoretical Explanations

A critical understanding of sex similarities and differences in the correlates and predictors of DV perpetration could ultimately refine and improve effectiveness of programming efforts aimed at reducing DV.

Exploration of Dating Violence and Related Attitudes Among Adolescents and Emerging Adults

This paper contributes to the symmetry debate, a better understanding of the link between attitudes and violent behaviors, and a further step on gendered attitudes regarding who perpetrates and who sustains.

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Physical Aggression, Forced Sex, and Stalking Victimization by a Dating Partner: An Analysis of the National Violence Against Women Survey

Dating violence (physical aggression specifically) was associated with current depressive symptoms, current therapeutic drug use (antidepressants, tranquilizers, or pain medications), and current recreation drug use for women.

Satisfaction with Relationship Power and the Perpetration of Dating Violence.

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Prevalence and Correlates of Physical Aggression During Courtship

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Courtship Violence: The Patterns of Conflict Resolution Strategies Across Seven Levels of Emotional Commitment

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When Battered Women Use Violence: Husband-Abuse or Self-Defense?

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