Predictive factors for spasticity among ischemic stroke patients.

  title={Predictive factors for spasticity among ischemic stroke patients.},
  author={Rita de C{\'a}ssia Dos Reis Moura and M{\'a}rcia Maiumi Fukujima and Alexandre Santos Aguiar and Sissy Veloso Fontes and Rafi Fel{\'i}cio Bauab Dauar and Gilmar Fernandes do Prado},
  journal={Arquivos de neuro-psiquiatria},
  volume={67 4},
UNLABELLED Spasticity is a determining for functional loss following ischemic stroke. OBJECTIVE To detect possible predictive factors for its occurrence. METHOD Demographic, clinical and tomographic data on 146 stroke patients were analyzed. RESULTS Spasticity was noted more frequently among patients who underwent physiotherapy (p<0.0001; OR=19.4; 95% CI: 4.4-84.5), those who underwent such treatment for long periods (p=0.028; OR=4.80; 95% CI: 1.1-8.3) and those with manual work (p=0.041… CONTINUE READING