Predictions for p+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$=5 TeV : Expectations vs. data

  title={Predictions for p+Pb collisions at \$\sqrt\{s\_\{NN\}\}\$=5 TeV : Expectations vs. data},
  author={Javier L. Albacete and N{\'e}stor Armesto and Rudolf Baier and Gergely Gabor Barnafoldi and Jean Barrette and Sudipan De and Wei-tian Deng and Adrian Dumitru and Kevin Dusling and Kari J. Eskola and Rainer J. Fries and Hiromitsu Fujii and François Gelis and Miklos Gyulassy and Ilkka J. Helenius and Zhong-Bo Kang and Boris Z. Kopeliovich and Krzysztof Kutak and P{\'e}ter L{\'e}vai and Z. W. Lin and Alfred H. Mueller and Yasushi Nara and Jan Nemchik and G{\'a}bor Papp and Mihai A. Petrovici and Jian-wei Qiu and Amir Hossein Rezaeian and Peng Ru and Dominique Schiff and S. Sapeta and Vasile Topor Pop and Prithwish Tribedy and Raju Venugopalan and Ivan Vitev and Ramona Vogt and En-ke Wang and X.-N. Wang and Hongxi Xing and Rong Xu and B.‐W. Zhang and W.-N. Zhang},
  journal={Nuclear Physics},
Recently a compilation of predictions for charged hadron, identified light hadron, quarkonium, photon, jet and gauge boson production in p+Pbp+Pb collisions at sNN=5 TeV was made available [1]. Here the predictions are compared to the data so far available. 
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