Prediction of the resting metabolic rate in obese patients.

  title={Prediction of the resting metabolic rate in obese patients.},
  author={Robert S. Bernstein and J Michael Thornton and Min-zhong Yang and Jack Wang and Ann M. Redmond and Richard N Pierson and F. Xavier Pi-Sunyer and Theodore B Van Itallie},
  journal={The American journal of clinical nutrition},
  volume={37 4},
Resting metabolic rate (RMR) was measured in 154 women and 48 men before the beginning of a weight reduction program. In both sexes there were significant univariate correlations between RMR and fat-free mass, body fat, weight, fat cell weight, and fat cell number (from total body water). Women also showed significant correlations between RMR and fat cell number (from total body potassium), free triiodothyronine index, and fasting and postglucose insulin levels. Multiple regression analysis… CONTINUE READING
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