Prediction of the course of pre-type I diabetes.


To increase knowledge on the predictability of the onset of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (IDDM; type I), we followed 38 subjects less than 18 years of age who had positive results on two or more islet-cell antibody tests and one identical twin who had positive results on one islet-cell antibody test. All 39 patients had longitudinal intravenous… (More)


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@article{Chase1991PredictionOT, title={Prediction of the course of pre-type I diabetes.}, author={H. Peter Chase and S. K. Garg and Nancy A Butler-Simon and Georgiana Klingensmith and Leigh Anne Norris and C T Ruskey and D. O'Brien}, journal={The Journal of pediatrics}, year={1991}, volume={118 6}, pages={838-41} }