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Prediction of the Unsteady Performance of Contra-Rotating Propellers by Lifting-Surface Theory〔含 討論〕

  title={Prediction of the Unsteady Performance of Contra-Rotating Propellers by Lifting-Surface Theory〔含 討論〕},
  author={Chen-Jun Yang and Masahiro Tamashima and Guoqiang Wang and Ryusuke Yamazaki and Hajime Koizuka},
Design of wake-adapted contra-rotating propellers for high-speed underwater vehicles
The results indicate that the proposed numerical design method for wake-adapted contra-rotating propellers is suitable for the design of CRPs with tapered hubs and skewed blades, and it also exhibits good mesh convergence. Expand
Numerical prediction of the effective wake profiles of a high-speed underwater vehicle with contra-rotating propellers
Abstract A numerical method is proposed to predict the effective wake profiles of high speed underwater vehicles propelled by contra-rotating propellers (CRPs), in which the hydrodynamic effects ofExpand
Tip vortex prediction for contra-rotating propeller using large eddy simulation
  • J. Hu, Yingzhu Wang, Weipeng Zhang, Xin Chang, Wang Zhao
  • Physics
  • 2019
Abstract This study work mainly focuses on predicting the tip vortex of a contra-rotating propeller (CRP) by using large eddy simulation (LES) and the overset grid method. The open water performanceExpand
CFD investigation on steady and unsteady performances of contra-rotating propellers
The realistic flow on each blade of the front and rear propellers with contra-rotating propellers (CRPs) is very much complex due to interaction forces which affect to the actual efficiency of theExpand
A general equation for performance analysis of multi-component propulsor with propeller
Abstract An integral panel method (IPM) that treats the different components of multi-component propulsors as a whole is presented for efficient propulsor performance analysis. The IPM requiresExpand
Numerical Investigations of Open-Water Performance of Contra-Rotating Propellers
In this paper, the open-water performance of contra-rotating propellers (CRPs) has been investigated using CFD method with sliding mesh model dealing with the relative rotation of CRPs. Results showExpand
Numerical Simulation of Cotra Rotating Propellers
In this paper, numerical simulation based on Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) equation and   k SST turbulence model is performed to investigate the hydrodynamic performance of Contra rotatingExpand
Numerical investigation of open water performance of hybrid CRP podded propulsion system
With the advocating of “Green ship”, hybrid CRP podded propulsion system is increasingly becoming a hot topic. This new propulsion system inherits merits of contra-rotating propellers and poddedExpand
Verified Unsteady Model for Analysis of Contra-Rotating Propeller Aerodynamics
The doctoral thesis is focused on the development of a new computational model for analysis of contra-rotating propellers, its testing and verification, and application on selected important problemsExpand
Effect of time step size and turbulence model on the open water hydrodynamic performance prediction of contra-rotating propellers
A growing interest has been devoted to the contra-rotating propellers (CRPs) due to their high propulsive efficiency, torque balance, low fuel consumption, low cavitations, low noise performance andExpand