Prediction of regrets in postoperative transsexuals.

  title={Prediction of regrets in postoperative transsexuals.},
  author={Ray Blanchard and B W Steiner and Leonard H. Clemmensen and Robert P. Dickey},
  journal={Canadian journal of psychiatry. Revue canadienne de psychiatrie},
  volume={34 1},
This study investigated whether heterosexual males are more likely to regret sex reassignment surgery than homosexual males or females. Subjects were 111 postoperative transsexuals who had been surgically reassigned for at least one year, representing a follow-up rate of 84.1%. Subjects' feelings about surgery were assessed with self-administered questionnaires. None of the 61 homosexual females or 36 homosexual males consciously regretted surgery, compared to 4 of the 14 heterosexual males: a… CONTINUE READING