Prediction of post partum thyroid dysfunction: can it be improved?

  title={Prediction of post partum thyroid dysfunction: can it be improved?},
  author={Johannes L P Kuijpens and V J Pop and Huib L. Vader and Hemmo A. Drexhage and Wilmar Maarten Wiersinga},
  journal={European journal of endocrinology},
  volume={139 1},
BACKGROUND Screening pregnant women for thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAb) to identify those at risk for post partum thyroid dysfunction (PPTD) is controversial, mainly because of the low positive predictive value (ppv) of TPOAb. OBJECTIVES To evaluate if the ppv of TPOAb can be enhanced, either by taking into account the time of TPOAb testing, or by combining this parameter with other putative determinants of PPTD such as smoking, family history or other autoimmune diseases. METHODS A… CONTINUE READING


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