Prediction of normal QT intervals in children.

  title={Prediction of normal QT intervals in children.},
  author={Thomas S. Eberle and Gabriele Hessling and Herbert E. Ulmer and Konrad Brockmeier},
  journal={Journal of electrocardiology},
  volume={31 Suppl},
Measuring QT intervals in individual children is of great importance, particularly in view of increasing evidence linking long QT syndrome to subsequent risk for sudden death. Three hundred seventy-three healthy subjects, 185 women and 188 men, aged 5.2 to 16.5 years, were investigated with a 12-lead-standard electrocardiogram (ECG). Values for predicted QTp50 and QTp95 (percentiles) were calculated by using the cycle length (RR interval [RRI]) and the measured QT interval. We used multiple… CONTINUE READING

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