Prediction of energy balance in a high yielding dairy herd in early lactation: model development and precision

  title={Prediction of energy balance in a high yielding dairy herd in early lactation: model development and precision},
  author={C Heuer and W. M. van Straalen and Ynte Hein Schukken and Annemarie Dirkzwager and Josephus Noordhuizen},
This study was conducted to (1) predict herd mean EB, and (2) investigate whether herd size affects the precision of prediction. In order to achieve the first goal, it was studied to what extent milk test day information, body condition scores, and blood and milk ketones can estimate energy balance at cow level. EB was calculated in 72 Holstein–Freisian cows of one research herd (10,500 kg milk per 305-day lactation) during lactation weeks 2–12. A repeated measures model was used for multiple… CONTINUE READING


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