Prediction of drug clearance in children.

  title={Prediction of drug clearance in children.},
  author={Frantz Foissac and N. Ben Bouazza and Elodie Valade and Mailys De Sousa Mendes and Floris Fauchet and Sihem Benaboud and D{\'e}borah Hirt and J M Tr{\'e}luyer and Sa{\"i}k Urien},
  journal={Journal of clinical pharmacology},
  volume={55 7},
The pediatric population is often exposed to drugs without sufficient knowledge about pharmacokinetics. The prediction of accurate clearance values in children, especially in neonates and infants, will improve the rational in dosing decisions. Drug clearances from birth to adulthood were compiled after a systematic review of pharmacokinetic reports. The analysis was performed using NONMEM. Clearance predictions were then evaluated by external validation. Prediction errors were also compared… CONTINUE READING

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