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Prediction of combustion oscillation in DLE combustor

  title={Prediction of combustion oscillation in DLE combustor},
  author={S. Kato and K. Sato and T. Fujimori and A. Dowling and 加藤 壮一郎 and 佐藤 公美 and 藤森 俊郎},
  journal={IHI engineering review},
Combustion oscillations often occur in DLE (Dry Low Emission) gas turbine combustors. The oscillation may cause a reduction in combustor durability and system efficiency. A one-dimensional linear model has been developed to predict combustion oscillations in a combustor. In a conventional analysis, the flame is usually treated as fixed and located at a single axial plane. However, in practice, the flame position and its spatial distribution vary with the operation conditions. New flame models… Expand
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