Prediction of bodyweight from body measurements in rabbits using principal component analysis

  title={Prediction of bodyweight from body measurements in rabbits using principal component analysis},
  author={Oludayo Michael Akinsola and B. I. Nwagu and M. Orunmuyi and Grace Takpejewho Iyeghe-Erakpotobor and Ejike Daniel Eze and Ayoola Shoyombo and E. U. Okuda and Ugwulor Louis},
The study aimed atdescribing objectively the interdependence among the biometric traits and topredict body weight from their orthogonal body shape characters using principalcomponent factor analysis. Body weight and ten biometric variables namely bodylength, height at wither, thigh circumference, shoulder to tail drop, earlength, heart girth, tail length, length of front and back leg and nose toshoulder were measured on eight week old 104 F1 progeny Hyla rabbits of twogenetic groups (NZWXNZW… CONTINUE READING

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