Prediction of Meteor Activities from (101955) Bennu

  title={Prediction of Meteor Activities from (101955) Bennu},
  author={Quanzhi Ye},
  journal={Research Notes of the AAS},
  • Q. Ye
  • Published 27 March 2019
  • Physics
  • Research Notes of the AAS
Discovering Minor Showers
  • P. Bagnall
  • The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series
  • 2021
Introduction to the Special Issue: Exploration of the Activity of Asteroid (101955) Bennu
Of the potential mechanisms behind this activity that were investigated in focused studies, meteoroid impacts, thermal fracturing, and ricochet—but not water ice sublimation—were found to be consistent with observations, suggesting that many near‐Earth asteroids may exhibit activity that has gone unnoticed thus far.
Photometry of Particles Ejected From Active Asteroid (101955) Bennu
Near‐Earth asteroid (101955) Bennu is an active asteroid experiencing mass loss in the form of ejection events emitting up to hundreds of millimeter‐ to centimeter‐scale particles. The close
Episodes of particle ejection from the surface of the active asteroid (101955) Bennu
The properties and behavior of particles ejected from Bennu are analyzed to determine the possible mechanisms of ejection and provide understanding of the broader population of active asteroids.


Dormant comets among the near-Earth object population: a meteor-based survey
Dormant comets in the near-Earth object (NEO) population are thought to be involved in the terrestrial accretion of water and organic materials. Identification of dormant comets is difficult as they