Prediction of BRCA2-association in hereditary breast carcinomas using array-CGH

  title={Prediction of BRCA2-association in hereditary breast carcinomas using array-CGH},
  author={Simon Andreas Joosse and Kim I. M. Brandwijk and Peter Devilee and Jelle Wesseling and Frans Hogervorst and Senno Verhoef and Petra M. Nederlof},
  journal={Breast Cancer Research and Treatment},
Germline mutations in BRCA1/2 increase the lifetime risk for breast and ovarian cancer dramatically. Identification of such mutations is important for optimal treatment decisions and pre-symptomatic mutation screening in family members. Although current DNA diagnostics is able to identify many different mutations, it remains unclear, how many BRCA2-associated breast cancer cases remain unidentified as such. In addition, mutation scanning detects many unclassified variants (UV) for which the… CONTINUE READING