Predicting timbral and perceptual characteristics of orchestral instrument combinations

  title={Predicting timbral and perceptual characteristics of orchestral instrument combinations},
  author={Aur{\'e}lien Antoine and Eduardo Reck Miranda},
  journal={Journal of the Acoustical Society of America},
Orchestration is a compositional practice that consists of writing for several instruments. This process often involves harnessing each instrument's sound to create sonic textures that could not be achieved with a single instrument. These sound fusions are usually sought by composers to express specific perceptual effects. However, the number of potential combinations is significant. Testing and analyzing all combinations to identify the ones matching the desired perceptual effects is… Expand
An Investigation into the Use of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Analysis and Control of Instrumental Timbre and Timbral Combinations
This research demonstrates that perceptual characteristics of timbral qualities, using verbal descriptors as a representation, can be implemented in an intelligent computing system designed to combine sampled instrument notes conveying specific perceptual qualities. Expand
Leveraging diversity in computer-aided musical orchestration with an artificial immune system for multi-modal optimization
CAMO-AIS has higher diversity of orchestrations than Orchids without loss of perceptual similarity, and Opt-aiNet was developed to maximize diversity in the solution set of multi-modal optimization problems, which results in multiple alternative orchestrations for the same reference sound that are different among themselves. Expand