Predicting the mechanical properties of spider silk as a model nanostructured polymer

  title={Predicting the mechanical properties of spider silk as a model 
nanostructured polymer},
  author={D. Porter and F. Vollrath and Z. Shao},
  journal={The European Physical Journal E},
  • D. Porter, F. Vollrath, Z. Shao
  • Published 2005
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • The European Physical Journal E
  • Abstract.Spider silk is attractive because it is strong and tough. Moreover, an enormous range of mechanical properties can be achieved with only small changes in chemical structure. Our research shows that the full range of thermo-mechanical properties of silk fibres can be predicted from mean field theory for polymers in terms of chemical composition and the degree of order in the polymer structure. Thus, we can demonstrate an inherent simplicity at a macromolecular level in the design… CONTINUE READING
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