Predicting that comet Halley is dark

  title={Predicting that comet Halley is dark},
  author={Joshua M. Greenberg},

Etude des corps glacés du système solaire à travers deux cibles majeures de l'exploration spatiale : la comète 67P/C-G et le satellite Europe

La majeure partie de mon travail de these a porte sur l’etude de la composition chimique de la surface d’Europe. Afin d’apporter une plus-value par rapport aux resultats de l’instrument NIMS a bord

Physical Properties of Cometary Dust

Prior to the 1986 apparition of comet Halley, all attempts to determine the physical properties of cometary dust were limited to remote observations and the analysis of various particles captured by

Polyaromatic Units Set the Albedo of Dark Extraterrestrial Materials

Primitive extraterrestrial materials are generally dark, a characteristic often associated with the presence of polyaromatic organic material and/or sulfides. We show in this study that the

Contributions from Accreted Organics to Titan’s Atmosphere: New Insights from Cometary and Chondritic Data

Since its discovery in the first half of the 20th century, scientists have puzzled over the origins of Titan’s atmosphere. Current models suggest that atmospheric N2 on Titan may have originated from

Mapping Circumstellar Matter with Polarized Light: The Case of Supernova 2014J in M82

Optical polarimetry is an effective way of probing the environment of a supernova for dust. We acquired linear HST ACS/WFC polarimetry in bands , , and of the supernova (SN) 2014J in M82 at six

On the attempts to measure water (and other volatiles) directly at the surface of a comet

It is shown how comets may in fact be heterogeneous over their surface, and how surface measurements can be used in a quest to comprehend the daily cycles of processes that affect the evolution of comets.

Molekülchiralität in Meteoriten und interstellarem Eis und das Chiralitätsexperiment an Bord der Kometenmission Rosetta der ESA

Das uns bekannte Leben kontrolliert den ausschlieslichen Gebrauch von L-Aminosaure- und D-Zucker-Enantiomeren zum molekularen Aufbau von Proteinen und Nukleinsauren. In diesem Kurzaufsatz wird

DFT calculations on the catalytic oxidation of CO over Si-doped (6,0) boron nitride nanotubes

Abstract The oxidation of carbon monoxide (CO) is important for a series of technological and environmental applications. In this work, the catalytic oxidation of CO on Si-doped (6,0) boron nitride



Ices in the Solar System

Introduction: Scientific Background.- I: Physics and Remote Sensing of Ices.- The physics of Ice: Some fundamentals of planetary glaciology..- Partial phase diagram for the system NH3 - H2O: The

Observed Properties of Interstellar Dust

Recent information on the observed properties of interstellar dust is reviewed, with an attempt made to clarify some of the observational uncertainties associated with obtaining dust parameters.

Structure and fragmentation of meteoroids

This paper is a review of the present knowledge on the structure of meteoroids.A summary of the evidence concerning the common occurrence of fragmentation among both photographic and radio meteors is

S2 - A clue to the origin of cometary ice?

S2 was recently discovered in Comet 1983d. It is argued that S2 is a parent molecule, resident in the ices of the cometary nucleus. If so, this requires that cometary ice have accreted directly from