Predicting submaximal oxygen consumption during treadmill running in mice.

  title={Predicting submaximal oxygen consumption during treadmill running in mice.},
  author={Pasan Fernando and Arend Bonen and Laurie Hoffman-Goetz},
  journal={Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology},
  volume={71 10-11},
Treadmill exercise is the most common form of exercise used in studies involving laboratory rodents. However, oxygen consumption (VO2) is not usually monitored since the measurement of this parameter is particularly difficult in small, exercising animals. The purpose of this study was to develop a regression equation for predicting submaximal VO2 in mice during treadmill running. Twenty female mice of three strains were tested, in an Oxyscan metabolic treadmill, on different days at running… CONTINUE READING

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