Predicting posttraumatic epilepsy in penetrating head injury.

  title={Predicting posttraumatic epilepsy in penetrating head injury.},
  author={Gary H Weiss and Andres M. Salazar and Scott Vance and Jordan Grafman and Bahman Jabbari},
  journal={Archives of neurology},
  volume={43 8},
Using data derived from a 15-year follow-up study of 520 veterans surviving penetrating brain wounds received in the Vietnam war, we have developed a predictive formula and tables for posttraumatic epilepsy based on time elapsed postinjury and presence of specific clinical and computed tomographic scan risk factors. Such patients remain at some increased risk for epilepsy even ten to 15 years postinjury, although most can be 95% certain of avoiding epilepsy if they have been seizure free for… CONTINUE READING

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