Predicting grade of prostate cancer using image analysis software

  title={Predicting grade of prostate cancer using image analysis software},
  author={Venkatramanarao G Anand and G. Hari Satya Krishna and G Mohandass and R. Hemalatha and Sandhya Sundaram},
  journal={Trendz in Information Sciences & Computing(TISC2010)},
The prognosis of prostate cancer is determined by using the Gleason grading system. This grading is done based upon the tissue pattern obtained from the tumor, after staining the biopsy with Heamatoxylin and Eosin (H&E). Presently, experienced pathologists manually grade on prostate cancers subjectively. The grading therefore depends upon the experience of the pathologists, quality of the staining and various other factors. To overcome this, an image analysis system is developed using MATLAB… CONTINUE READING