Predicting form and meaning : Evidence from brain potentials

  title={Predicting form and meaning : Evidence from brain potentials},
  author={Aine Ito and Martin Corley and Martin J. Pickering and Edwin W. Martin and Mante S. Nieuwland},
We used ERPs to investigate the pre-activation of form and meaning in language comprehension. Participants read high-cloze sentence contexts (e.g., ‘‘The student is going to the library to borrow a. . .”), followed by a word that was predictable (book), form-related (hook) or semantically related (page) to the predictable word, or unrelated (sofa). At a 500 ms SOA (Experiment 1), semantically related words, but not form-related words, elicited a reduced N400 compared to unrelated words. At a… CONTINUE READING
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