Predicting favorable outcome in idiopathic West syndrome.

  title={Predicting favorable outcome in idiopathic West syndrome.},
  author={Olivier Dulac and Perrine Plouin and Isabelle Jambaqu{\'e}},
  volume={34 4},
Among 45 patients with cryptogenic West Syndrome (WS) we report 30 with a favorable outcome consisting of normal psychomotor development and cessation of epilepsy with at least 2 years follow-up (mean 4 years 7 months). These favorable patients could be recognized from onset by (a) absence of significant mental regression with a preserved visual function; (b) absence of focal interictal EEG abnormalities after intravenous diazepam; and (c) reappearance of hypsarrhythmia between consecutive… CONTINUE READING