Predicting beef carcass cutability.

  title={Predicting beef carcass cutability.},
  author={Steven D. Shackelford and Larry V. Cundiff and Keith Gregory and Mohammad Koohmaraie},
  journal={Journal of animal science},
  volume={73 2},
Analyses were conducted to develop and test the efficacy of beef carcass cutability prediction equations. Data from 1,602 calf-fed steer carcasses (Germplasm Utilization Project; GPU) were used to develop the equations and an additional 1,160 calf-fed steer carcasses (Germplasm Evaluation Project; GPE) were used to validate the equations. In both experimental groups, USDA yield grade ranged from < 1 to > 5 and the SD of yield grade was > .8 indicating a relatively large amount of variation in… CONTINUE READING

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