Predicting Shine–Dalgarno Sequence Locations Exposes Genome Annotation Errors

  title={Predicting Shine–Dalgarno Sequence Locations Exposes Genome Annotation Errors},
  author={J. Starmer and Anne-Marie Stomp and Mladen A. Vouk and Donald L. Bitzer},
  journal={PLoS Computational Biology},
  pages={1342 - 1346}
In prokaryotes, Shine-Dalgarno (SD) sequences, nucleotides upstream from start codons on messenger RNAs (mRNAs) that are complementary to ribosomal RNA (rRNA), facilitate the initiation of protein synthesis. The location of SD sequences relative to start codons and the stability of the hybridization between the mRNA and the rRNA correlate with the rate of synthesis. Thus, accurate characterization of SD sequences enhances our understanding of how an organism's transcriptome relates to its… CONTINUE READING
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