Predicting Online Purchase Behavior: Replications and Test of Competing Models


In this paper we report on a study into the antecedents of online purchase intention for B2C websites. In particular, this research juxtaposes two competing models that explain online purchase intention. A replication was carried out of the trust-oriented study by Jarvenpaa, Tractinsky, and Vitale (2000), and the websiteoriented model from Chau, Au, and Tam (2000), first developed by Davis (1989). The replication study involved 227 undergraduate students, and resulted in a number of findings. First, online purchase intention at the website is strongly determined by attitude towards online shopping at the website. Second, trust in the company does not influence attitude directly, but indirectly through a significant impact on perceived risk. Third, website usefulness does not significantly influence attitude towards shopping and online purchase intention. We conclude that trustoriented models appear to be more appropriate to explain online purchase intention than website-oriented models.

DOI: 10.1109/HICSS.2001.927100

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