Prediabetes – Preventing progression to diabetes


or impaired glucose tolerance) are at increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Evidence supports intensive lifestyle management to help prevent or delay the progression to diabetes. Metformin has also shown benefit but is not approved for this indication in Australia. Prediabetes is a commonly used term to describe patients with elevated blood glucose levels that do not exceed the threshold to satisfy the diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus. It represents a state of impaired glucose regulation that may progress to diabetes. The prevalence of prediabetes and diabetes is rising in Australia, in line with global trends. Australian predictions suggest that in adults over the age of 25 years, the prevalence of diabetes will increase from 7.4% in 1999–2000 to 11.4% in the year 2025, with associated implications for reduced quality of life and increased healthcare expenditure.1 People with non­ diabetic levels of hyperglycaemia have a risk of premature death that is intermediate between the risk of people with normal glucose tolerance and that of people with diabetes.2 This is consistent with the concept that there is a continuous relation between increasing blood glucose levels and increased risk of cardio vascular disease and premature mortality.

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