Predatory aquatic beetles, suitable trace elements bioindicators.

  title={Predatory aquatic beetles, suitable trace elements bioindicators.},
  author={Carmen Ionela Burghelea and Dragos George Zaharescu and Peter S. Hooda and Antonio Palanca-Soler},
  journal={Journal of environmental monitoring : JEM},
  volume={13 5},
Predatory aquatic beetles are common colonizers of natural and managed aquatic environments. While as important components of the aquatic food webs they are prone to accumulate trace elements, they have been largely neglected from metal uptake studies. We aim to test the suitability of three dytiscid species, i.e.Hydroglyphus pusillus, Laccophilus minutus and Rhantus suturalis, as trace elements (Al, As, Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Ni, Pb, Se and Zn) bioindicators. The work was carried out in a… CONTINUE READING