Predator-induced plasticity in early life history and morphology in two anuran amphibians

  title={Predator-induced plasticity in early life history and morphology in two anuran amphibians},
  author={Anssi Laurila and Susanna Pakkasmaa and Pierre-andr{\'e} Crochet and Juha Meril{\"a}},
Predation pressure during early life stages is often high, but few studies have examined antipredator responses at these stages. We studied the effects of an egg predator (leech, Haemopis sanguisuga) and two tadpole predators (dragonfly larvae, Aeshna spp.; and threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus) on the timing of hatching and morphology of hatchlings and young tadpoles in two anuran amphibians [Rana arvalis (RA) and R. temporaria (RT)] in a factorial laboratory experiment. We also… CONTINUE READING

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