Predation by a Golden Eagle on a Brown Bear Cub

  title={Predation by a Golden Eagle on a Brown Bear Cub},
  author={Ole Jakob S{\o}rensen and Mogens Tots{\aa}s and Tore Solstad and Robin Rigg},
Abstract During spring 2004 an adult female brown bear (Ursus arctos) and her 3 cubs-of-the-year were observed outside their den on a south-facing low-alpine slope in central Norway. They remained near the den for 8–10 days and were, except for one day, observed daily by Totsås and other wardens of the Norwegian Nature Inspectorate. On 25 April, as the family was moving along the edge of a steep, treeless slope and down a snowdrift, the smallest cub, at the back of the group, was attacked by a… 
Reintroducing apex predators: the perils of muddling guilds and taxocenoses
  • E. Miranda
  • Geography, Medicine
    Royal Society Open Science
  • 2018
The authors provide a biased assessment of reintroduction priorities based on conservation imperatives that are not restricted to any of these groups, but primarily associated with apex predators.
Effect of scavenging on predation in a food web
This study adds to studies that show that the presence of predators affects scavenger behavior, vital rates, and food web structure, by showing that scavengers impact predator kill rates through multiple mechanisms, and therefore indicating that scavenging and predation patterns are tightly intertwined.
Lethal interactions among vertebrate top predators: a review of concepts, assumptions and terminology
By reviewing definitions and their underlying assumptions, it is demonstrated that lethal interactions among large vertebrate predators could be designated using four terms—‘predation’, ‘intraguild predation‚ ‘interspecific competitive killing‚ and ‘superpredation'—without the need to employ additional terminology that may increase confusion and misuse.


During 1986–98, the denning chronology of 54 radiocollared female brown bears (Ursus arctos) was documented 112 times in central Sweden. An intensive study in 1998 investigated the predenning
The grizzly bears of Yellowstone: their ecology in the Yellowstone ecosystem, 1959-1992
In 1959, John and Frank Craighead, along with a dedicated team of students and professional colleagues, began their pioneering and controversial study of the grizzly bear in the Yellowstone
Predation by a golden eagle on a bear cub in Trentino
  • International Bear News
  • 2003
Predation by a golden eagle on a bear cub in Trentino
  • International Bear News
  • 2003