Predation- and competition-mediated brain plasticity in Rana temporaria tadpoles.

  title={Predation- and competition-mediated brain plasticity in Rana temporaria tadpoles.},
  author={Abig{\'e}l Gonda and Nina Trokovic and G{\'a}bor Herczeg and Anssi Laurila and Juha Meril{\"a}},
  journal={Journal of evolutionary biology},
  volume={23 11},
An increasing number of studies have demonstrated phenotypic plasticity in brain size and architecture in response to environmental variation. However, our knowledge on how brain architecture is affected by commonplace ecological interactions is rudimentary. For example, while intraspecific competition and risk of predation are known to induce adaptive plastic modifications in morphology and behaviour in a wide variety of organisms, their effects on brain development have not been studied. We… CONTINUE READING

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