Precursors of fatty alcohols in the ISM: Discovery of n-propanol

  title={Precursors of fatty alcohols in the ISM: Discovery of n-propanol},
  author={Izaskun J{\'i}menez-Serra and Lucas F. Rodr{\'i}guez-Almeida and Jes{\'u}s Mart{\'i}n-Pintado and V{\'i}ctor M. Rivilla and Mattia Melosso and Shaoshan Zeng and Laura Colzi and Yoshiyuki Kawashima and Eizi Hirota and Cristina Puzzarini and Bel{\'e}n Tercero and Pablo de Vicente and Fernando Rico-Villas and Miguel Angel Requena-Torres and Sergio Martin Centro de Astrobiologia and 4 Ctra.deTorrejonaAjalvirkm and E-28806 and Torrejon de Ardoz and Spain and Inaf - Arcetri and 5 LargoEnricoFermi and 50125 and Florence and Italy. and Dipartimento di ChimicaGiacomo Ciamician and Universita' di Bologna and 2 viaF.Selmi and 40126 and Bologna and Star and Planets Laboratory and Cluster for Pioneering Research and Riken and 2-1 Hirosawa and Wako and Saitama and 351-0198 and Japan. and Department of Physical Chemistry and Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Kanagawa Institute of Technology and Atsugi and Kanagawa 240-0292 and The Graduate University for Advanced Studies and Hayama and Kanagawa 240-0193 and Observatorio de Yebes and Cerro de la Palera sn and E-19141 and Guadalajara and University of Maryland and College Park and ND 20742-2421 and USA. and Dep. of Physics and Astronomy and G{\'e}osciences and Towson University and MD 21252 and European Southern Observatory and Alonso de C'ordova 3107 and Vitacura 763 0355 and Santiago and Chile. and Joint Alma Observatory},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics},
Context. Theories on the origins of life ± 3.0) × 10 − 11 , respectively. Conclusions. The detection of n -propanol, together with the recent discovery of ethanolamine in the ISM, opens the possibility that precursors of lipids according to theories of the origin of life, could have been brought to Earth from outer space. 
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