Preconditioning ischemia attenuates molecular indices of platelet activation-aggregation.

  title={Preconditioning ischemia attenuates molecular indices of platelet activation-aggregation.},
  author={Matthew Dean Linden and Peter Whittaker and Andrew L. Frelinger and Marc R. Barnard and Alan D Michelson and Karin Przyklenk},
  journal={Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis : JTH},
  volume={4 12},
BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that ischemic preconditioning (PC) not only limits infarct size, but also improves arterial patency in models of recurrent thrombosis. We hypothesize that this enhanced patency is presumably because of a PC-induced attenuation of platelet-mediated thrombosis. However, there is, at present, no direct evidence that PC acts on the platelets per se and favorably down-regulates platelet reactivity. OBJECTIVES Our goal was to test the concept that PC ischemia… CONTINUE READING