Preconditioners based on windowed Fourier frames applied to elliptic partial differential equations

  title={Preconditioners based on windowed Fourier frames applied to elliptic partial differential equations},
  author={S. K. Bhowmik and C. Stolk},
  journal={Journal of Pseudo-Differential Operators and Applications},
  • S. K. Bhowmik, C. Stolk
  • Published 2010
  • Mathematics, Biology
  • Journal of Pseudo-Differential Operators and Applications
We investigate the application of windowed Fourier frames to the numerical solution of partial differential equations, focussing on elliptic equations. The action of a partial differential operator (PDO) on a windowed plane wave is close to a multiplication, where the multiplication factor is given by the symbol of the PDO evaluated at the wave number and central position of the windowed plane wave. This can be exploited in a preconditioning method for use in iterative inversion. For domains… Expand
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Fast and efficient numerical methods for an extended Black-Scholes model
  • S. K. Bhowmik
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Comput. Math. Appl.
  • 2014
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