Preclinical evaluation of novel antibacterial agents by microbiological and molecular techniques

  title={Preclinical evaluation of novel antibacterial agents by microbiological and molecular techniques},
  author={A. O’Neill and I. Chopra},
  journal={Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs},
  pages={1045 - 1063}
  • A. O’Neill, I. Chopra
  • Published 2004
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Expert Opinion on Investigational Drugs
  • The defining property of an antibacterial agent is its ability to selectively interfere with bacterial growth and/or survival. Consequently, a considerable and crucial part of the preclinical evaluation of any novel antibacterial drug involves judging and characterising its effects on bacteria in vitro. These critical stages in drug development are sometimes made to appear somewhat trivial, sandwiched as they are between the highly demanding antibacterial discovery process and the formidable… CONTINUE READING
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