Preclinical Assessment of Young Blood Plasma for Alzheimer Disease.

  title={Preclinical Assessment of Young Blood Plasma for Alzheimer Disease.},
  author={Jinte Middeldorp and Benoit Lehallier and Saul A Villeda and Suzanne S M Miedema and Emily Evans and Eva Czirr and Hui Zhang and Jian Luo and Trisha M. Stan and Kira Irving Mosher and Eliezer Masliah and Tony Wyss-Coray},
  journal={JAMA neurology},
  volume={73 11},
Importance Alzheimer disease (AD) pathology starts long before clinical symptoms manifest, and there is no therapy to treat, delay, or prevent the disease. A shared blood circulation between 2 mice (aka parabiosis) or repeated injections of young blood plasma (plasma from 2- to 3-month-old mice) into old mice has revealed benefits of young plasma on… CONTINUE READING
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